Welcome to Idols

We believe that a fan should be getting closer to their idol. For this, we are gathering the world's biggest celebrities in one place, through a platform based on Blockchain technology so that you can be more than a fan.

If you are a fan...

Acquire tokens from your idols and get exclusive experiences.

  • Private communities;
  • Exclusive content;
  • Backstage access;
  • Collectable Items.

If you are a celebrity...

Get an exclusive monetization channel promoting social approach to your fan community.

  • Explore new layers of monetization: behind-the-scenes access, video calling, advance tickets, and more;
  • Discover your real fans and interact with your target audience;
  • Market exclusivities ranging from NFT's to physical collectibles.

How does it work?

The Idols ecosystem was designed so that a fan can interact and approach their idol in lots of different ways. From securely storing tokens of your favorite celebrities to demonstrate their loyalty and admiration, until exploring unique experiences, trading tokens with other users and much more.

To access the ecosystem, the user will only need Idols Coin, the official IDOLS token.








Idols Coin Purchase

Participate in the Idols Coin Initial Offer. Become more than a fan.



Road Map

Private Sale

Announcement of the first personalities to be tokenized by Idols.

Beginning of the tokens' Stake Pools from the first associated personalities with Idols

Idols cryptocurrency listing on major trading platforms (CEX's and DEX's)

Public sale

Launch of the first MVP on the Idols Platform

Token Trading enabled on the Idols Platform

Development and testing of the new features from the BETA version of the Idols Platform

Final version release of the Idols Platform